Apps for Earth: Honor the Earth and Support WWF


Yoga Studio, WWF, and Apple are working together to protect life on our planet. From now until April 24, WWF will receive 100% of the proceeds from your purchase. That’s right, 100%!

As a part of Apps for Earth, we’ve added six new classes in a new collection, Earth Salutations, and WWF-inspired music to enhance your practice. And for you Zen seekers, we’re offering a limited edition In-App Purchase of our Earth Meditations collection, featuring fifteen guided meditations, curated especially for Apps for Earth!


WWF’s Mission

Founded in Switzerland in 1961, WWF works to conserve our planet’s natural resources and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. WWF’s efforts are as broad as the threats themselves, focusing on these six areas: forests, oceans, fresh water, wildlife, food, and climate.

Earth Salutations

Ready to wake up and salute our planet’s natural beauty? Choose an invigorating AM class. Looking for a more grounded way to honor nature at day’s end? Our PM classes will leaving you feeling rooted and supported.

We’ve created these classes with the Earth in mind, stitching together poses that honor our planet and its incredible resources. We took inspiration from the incredible beauty of dense forests, the vast diversity of ocean life, and the survival of our planet’s most captivating—and endangered—wildlife.

Earth Meditations

We’re offering a collection of 15 limited edition Earth Meditations. Through these guided meditations from leading meditation experts, you’ll create mindful awareness of our impact on the Earth, find gratitude for our planet’s many gifts, and tap into the rhythms of its natural energies. These sessions are available exclusively for purchase until April 24 as an In-App Purchase. And WWF will receive 100% of the proceeds from your purchase.

Practice Anywhere

We’ve made our exclusive Apps for Earth collections available on your devices anywhere you practice. Our universal app has seamless integration on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. So you can enjoy yoga and meditation in your living room or at the park.

Protect our Planet

There’s no denying it: Our planet’s resources are depleting at an unprecedented rate. With our forests disappearing, our oceans overfished, and our wildlife increasingly endangered, it’s our duty to protect the resources we rely on daily. Join us in the effort to help spread awareness: download Yoga Studio now, and know that your money is going to a great cause. Thank you for doing your part to protect our planet.