A collection for everyone.

Beginner Essentials

This collection is perfect for the yoga newbie. Classes range from 15-60 minutes in length and focus on balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation or a combination of all four. Plenty of tips and reminders are offered throughout these classes to help beginners learn poses correctly and gain confidence in their practice.

10 Classes

Intermediate Essentials

This collection of classes is for the yogi with some experience and confidence practicing Hatha yoga. Classes range from 15-60 minutes in length and focus on balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation or a combination of all four. Simply choose which type of class you’re in the mood for, and remember to breathe and enjoy!

11 Classes

Advanced Essentials

This collection is for the experienced yogi with a strong self-practice and yoga teachers who might need some inspiration. Classes range from 15-60 minutes and focus on balance, flexibility, strength, or a combination of all three.

9 Classes

Yoga for Weight Loss (NEW)

This series is designed to help maintain and or achieve your ideal body weight. Comprised of six classes, these can be practiced each day of the week with a rest day in between. Read more about this collection and the inspiration behind it.

6 Classes

Yoga for Back Pain

Achey, painful back? Find some relief with these 10, 20-minute gentle yoga classes designed to help prevent and reduce many types of back pain. Rotate through the classes that best suit your needs to help improve body awareness, relax tension, strengthen core muscles, and align your spine.

8 Classes

Yoga for Mental Health (NEW)

Each class within this collection is designed to have a lasting impact on your mental state when practiced consistently. Created as meditations — studies have shown beneficial changes in brain function, especially in emotional processing. The more active and dynamic classes in this collection are sequenced as moving meditations. While the others are gateways to a seated meditation practice.

5 Classes

Yoga for Runners

Walk, run or jog? This collection of post-run yoga classes was made especially for you. Whether you’re a casual jogger or a serous runner, these 5, 30-minute classes will help reverse muscle tightness caused by running and help your body become more flexible. Practicing these sessions after your runs will also help improve body alignment, reduce stiffness and lower your risk of injury and joint pain.

10 Classes

Rodney Yee Collection

Rodney Yee is a master at his craft, practicing and teaching yoga for over 35 years, he is known around the world for his dedication and instruction. He is also the face of yoga for many yogis who first starting learning from him on VHS and DVD. He brings is knowledge to Yoga Studio along with 10 exclusive classes for beginners to advanced.

10 Classes

10 Minute Yoga

Short on time? This collection is for the yogi on the go! Choose to focus on balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation or a combination of all four and easily squeeze a quick yoga fix into your busy schedule.

10 Classes

Desk Series (NEW)

Take 5 minutes to enjoy one (or more) of these classes designed specifically for those who sit, stand or need a quick break from the daily hustle and bustle. These classes will release tension and unlock that extra motivation needed to maximize your work day.

5 Classes

Family Yoga (NEW)

Do your little ones like to practice alongside you (and sometimes under!)? If so, then this collection is for you! Introducing Family Yoga. This series is comprised of four yoga classes and one meditation practice. Balance, Strength, and Stability along with a fun for all levels ‘Mommy and Me’ class are geared towards the newly minted yogi and those looking for a more intermediate practice.

Hip Hop Yoga

Move and groove with this dance inspired yoga collection. This series allows you to have some fun in your asana by incorporating a faster pace and fun beat.

5 Classes


Breath is essential to life. Pranayama (Breathing) will introduce you to the fundamental breath exercises which can bring positive changes to ones daily practice and beyond.

4 Classes

Yoga for Fertility (NEW)

This series, featuring fertility coach + yoga teacher Kate Potvin (ERYT-500), is designed to optimize and support your fertility journey by working with your body’s natural cycles. The pre-ovulation classes are designed to increase blood flow to your pelvic region and stimulate your ovaries. The post-ovulation classes work to release hip tension, open your heart, and support implantation and early pregnancy. Cycle through these classes as you move through your monthly cycle!

6 Classes

Prenatal Yoga

Safe and mindful modifications for the yogi looking to practice in every trimester.

5 Classes

Earth Salutations

Ready to wake up and salute our planet’s natural beauty? Choose an invigorating AM class. Looking for a more grounded way to honor nature at day’s end? Our PM classes will leaving you feeling rooted and supported.

We’ve created these classes with the Earth in mind, stitching together poses that honor our planet and its incredible resources. We took inspiration from the incredible beauty of dense forests, the vast diversity of ocean life, and the survival of our planet’s most captivating—and endangered—wildlife.

6 Classes

Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are perfect for both yoga newbies and season yogis alike. Choose to complete one cycle as a gentle introduction or three full cycles for a great full-body workout that stretches, flexes, and tones.

4 Classes

Earth Meditations

Through these 15 guided meditations from leading meditation experts, you’ll create mindful awareness of our impact on the Earth, find gratitude for our planet’s many gifts, and tap into the rhythms of its natural energies.

15 Classes

Deep Relaxations

You’ll want to get in Savasana (lay down) for these deep relaxations. These will putting your mind and body at ease, perfect for post yoga relaxation or a pre-sleep routine. 5 minute, 10 Minute and 20 minute sessions.

3 Classes

Guided Meditations (NEW)

Meditation can reduce stress, improve focus, decrease anxiety along with many other positive changes. Mindfulness is an opportunity to open up the mind in a safe and neutral way rather than pushing away and hiding from ones fears or troubles. This collection will serve beginners to seasoned practitioners. “When my mind is calm, my body is calm and it allows me to be more receptive to physical sensations and embrace rather than resist.“

Added Frequently

Chakra Yoga & Meditation

7 Chakras yoga classes and 7 Meditations bring the Chakras to life in this collection to teach, and inspire you and your path ahead.

14 Classes

Connection to Core (NEW)

Strengthen your abs and midsection with this new collection exclusively on Yoga Studio App.

5 Classes